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Dosage and Directions for Use of Breast Actives

I sometimes see queries from women, who have bought Breast Actives, asking how or when to take the pills and apply the cream. This post will answer these questions and attempt to clear up any doubts in this regard. I also have some recommendations….

Breast Actives package of pills and cream

Dosage and Directions for the Breast Pills

First, let’s deal with the pills. You have to take two breast pills daily, but do not take both together. Instead, take one pill in the morning after breakfast and one pill at night after dinner. The interval between the two pills should be about 12 hours. Swallow the pills with water or fruit juice – never with a carbonated drink like coke, pepsi, mirinda, soda, etc and never with a drink containing caffeine, like tea or coffee.

Directions for Use of the Breast Cream

Second, let’s deal with the cream. The Breast Actives breast cream is to be applied once daily. Choose a time when it is convenient for you to apply the cream to your breasts and, then, apply the cream at around the same time every day. Don’t stress over applying it at the exact same time every day – just do it at around the same time. To apply, take a small amount of the cream on your fingertips and massage it thoroughly into your breasts.

Together with the pills and cream, you will receive instructions for special exercises developed for toning, shaping and firming the breasts. Do these exercises once every day, as far as possible. Again do not stress if you miss out a day occasionally – just try to be regular and do them daily.


Now some recommendations….while you are on the Breast Actives therapy, you must restrict the consumption of drinks containing caffeine, such as tea and regular coffee, to a maximum of 2 cups per day – preferably to 1 cup. With decaff, you can go to more than 2 cups. Also, while you are on Breast Actives, either eliminate or drastically restrict the consumption of carbonated drinks, i.e “fizzy” drinks, such as coke, pepsi, mirinda, 7up, soda, etc.

Shortly after you start on Breast Actives, you might feel some tenderness in your breasts (you might or you might not – some do, some don’t). This is normal and, in fact, an indication that the pills and cream are beginning to work.

As you progress with the therapy, do post here and tell us how you are getting on.

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67 thoughts on “How To Use Breast Actives”

  1. Hi i have been using breast actives over the recommended time of 6 months, a 1 month break, then 3 months again.
    Probably been using it over a year total.
    Is it dangerous to keep taking it?

    1. You should not keep using it. If you really want to continue, give a break of 2 months. What result have you experienced?

    1. Michelle Rodrigues

      I would not advise a 16 years old girl to try breast growth medication of any kind. At 16, the breasts are still in their natural growth mode, which should be allowed to complete without any external intervention. At 18 years, if the breasts remain too small, Breast Actives would be a good option to try.

  2. I am not satisfied after the result of three month,can I use next 3 month breast active,plzz plzz tell me

  3. Hi
    I’m thinking about starting Breast Active. I have a question for you befor I do. Is it ok to take Breast Active with Thrive? I am also on the pill (to prevent pregnancy) is it safe to take with this as well?
    Thank you

    1. Michelle Rodrigues

      Are you referring to Thrive Foods? If so, then YES, it’s OK. Re birth control pills, please see . To place an order, please click any of the red “Order” buttons on this website. When choosing your preferred quantity package, I advise you NOT to go for the I month Trial Package. You will not see any result in 1 month and this package automatically enrolls you into an auto-ship program that send you a package each month and charges your credit card until you cancel, which can be a hassle.

  4. If I’m satisfied with the results after the three months plan, would my result be permanent if I decided to Stop?

  5. Hello!
    I wanted to ask a few questions
    1: Is cream suppose to be applied only once in the morning?
    2: How much time should i take to massage bcoz massaging too much dries the cream and it starts falling of.
    3: Are the exercises compulsory or optional? Bcoz I do pushups and some breast exercises at home but not regularly
    4: Its been 2 weeks since Ive started using it. How long will it take to show results. Im very scared what if it doesnt show results😭

    1. Michelle Rodrigues

      1. Apply the cream once daily, either morning or evening as per your convenience.
      2. Just massage it till it is absorbed into the skin.
      3. Optional.
      4. After 2 months, going into the 3rd month. You can see this if you read above.

      1. I use cream in the morning. Can i massage my breast with any oil at night? Or will interfere with the cream?

        1. Michelle Rodrigues

          Yes, you can massage with some simple oil like olive oil or similar – not medicated.

    1. Michelle Rodrigues

      Caffeine reduces the effectiveness of the ingredients of Breast Actives. Fizzy drinks without caffeine are fie.

  6. Hii
    I just started my BA course, been 3 days. Ive a few questions
    1: Is it okay to take multivitamin with BA?
    2: Should we take the pill right after the meal or wait for sometime & then take it?

    1. Michelle Rodrigues

      1. Yes, it’s OK to take multivitamin
      2. It doesn’t matter either way – do what is convenient.

      1. 1: I apply the cream in the morning. Am i suppose to remove the cream after sometime or is it okay not to remove it because I dont remove it and then I shower the next morning to apply it again.
        2: When does it start showing the results?

  7. Can I have 3-4 breast actives capsule a day… As I am taking 4 th bottle.. progress is lil slow ..

    Pls reply..
    Is it safe to ve?

  8. And another question regarding the BA cream. In the guide booklet it says to take a small amount of the cream to massage the breast. How do you define how small is small?

    1. Hi Shermane! Just use your fingertips and take enough cream to cover the breast, in the same way as you would apply face cream. Massage the cream thoroughly into your breasts. Ideally, you should do this after a shower, when the skin pores are more open Remember that one jar of the cream is intended for one month’s use. So adjust your daily quantity accordingly.

  9. I would like to know if I take the entire six months are the results permanent or not? Also if I wanted to skip a month after the six months and then do another six month round could I do That? Basically is this safe to continue to take or only for six months and are the results permanent?

    1. Hi Bridgett! After 6 months, the results are permanent. If you want an extra boost after the six months are over, give a gap of one month and do another 2 to 3 months. Don’t do another 6 months, as that will be too much.

  10. Is it okay if i stop breast actives for two weeks?..i only purchased three months worth because i wanted to make sure it would work.

    1. Ness, how long have you used Breast Actives? If you’ve used it for 3 months, I suggest you keep the shortest possible gap before you start again

      ( PLEASE LET ME NO )

    1. Patty, Breast Actives pills and cream cannot actually make your hair grow. But they will make your existing hair feel softer and more shiny.


    1. Hi Patty! Congratulations on your getting Breast Actives. I presume that you intend to use the anti-wrinkle cream on your face and neck. If that is so, then you can put on both the breast cream and the anti-wrinle cream at the same time.

  12. Hi, I bought a BreastActives just recently, but I’m not sure about how to use them.. Do I apply the cream and massage them after I shower or before during the day?

    1. The best time for applying the cream would be immediately after you shower. Massage the cream into your breasts until it is fully absorbed. Also, it should be at approximately the same time every day.

      Incidentally, which website did you order from? How come they are not guiding you in this?

  13. Hello, I have been taking breast active for nearly three months. I just realised because I was on the internet, im supposed to take one tablet two times a day I have been taking them at the same time. What should I do? Will it still work. Thanks

  14. Please advice. I take the Yasmin contraceptive pill and since starting Breast Actives I have noticed bleeding…. what can I do about this? I feel my breasts are fuller so do wish to stop but I am worried it will affect the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill.


    1. Hi Patrice! Generally speaking, Breast Actives does not interfere with the action of contraceptive pills. However, if you are noticing something unusual after starting on Breast Actives, it might be advisable for you to consult your doctor or gynecologist in this regard, with the list of Breast Actives ingredients.

  15. Hello, I have been taking breast active for nearly three months. I just realised because I was on the internet, im supposed to take one tablet two times a day I have been taking them at the same time. What should I do? Will it still work. Thanks

    1. Jamie, Sorry for the much delayed response. I had some personal issues. Just switch over to taking one pill twice daily and continue this for the remaining period until you have completed a total of 6 months.

  16. Hi
    now i can see the magic, my bust have started growing and now i feel a sigh of relief. i wish to know if the growth is not suffcient and if i wish to do the course of more six months will i get any discount

    1. Petal, sorry there are no further discounts except the quantity discounts already mentioned in my Breast Actives website. I am happy to know that you are now seeing growth in your breasts.

  17. Hi,
    I ran out of pills. I already took the first 3 months supply, but I didn’t receive the last 3 months supply yet. I continu the cream every day and the massage. I expect to receive the pills within one or two weeks. Should I take more pills when I receive them to catch up? Is this “no pills period” will harm the grow process?
    thank you for your answer

    1. I suggest you first complete the full 6 months of pills and see your results. If you feel your growth is not enough, you could get a further 2 or 3 months supply. Incidentally, where and how did you order Breast Actives? If you ordered a 6 months supply, you should have received the whole lot together.

  18. Ok thank you for your time and amswers i feel more comfortable about trying this product…have a blessed day.

  19. Oh yes and 1 last question. Since you’re supposed to take the pills twice daily what would happen if you apply the cream twice daily.

  20. Thank you for your comment it made me feel much better about the product effects…i think i might just try it out. How long can u stay on BA and are the effects of enlargement perminent. And i know every woman is different, but what’s the average length of time being on BA to gain about 2 cup sizes.

    1. Hi truely blessed! You can stay on breast Actives for 6 months – in fact, you should stay on it for 6 months in order to get the maximum breast enhancement that your body can achieve with Breast Actives. The breast enlargement effects are permanent. Please see Breast Actives and scroll down to “Fast, Economical, Permanent”. While it is difficult to generalize about the rate of enhancement for individuals, you should be able to gain around 2 cup sizes in 5 to 6 months.

  21. I just have a few questions concerning this product before i purchase it…will the product work while i’m on the depo shot or will it affect the depo shot while taking it. And why can’t u drink much cafeine, how exactly does it affect u while taking BA. Sweet tea and water are the only things i drink as well as a glass or 2 of whiskey from time to time.

    1. Hi truely blessed! that’s a great name! Generally speaking, Breast Actives is not affected by any birth control medication and does not interfere with the action of such medication. You can go ahead and get BA, even while you are on the depo shot. With regards to caffeine, excessive intake of caffeine interferes with the action of phytoestrogens which are the basis of breast enhancement by Breast Actives. If you want to drink tea, it would be best to restrict the quantity to one cup, or at the most 2 cups, per day while you are on BA. If you do consume more than that, there will be no harmful or adverse effects but the effectiveness of Breast Actives in growing you breasts will be reduced. Glass or two of whiskey is fine.

  22. Hello,
    I use Breast Active for 6 weeks. I felt a difference in my breast the first week and the weeks after (bigger and firmer). I had my period last week and since then, the enlargement had stop. I didn’t do my breast exercices since my period had started. Does the pill had stop working, I see no more change for the last 10 days. What can I do?

    1. mh, what you are experiencing is quite normal – initial growth, then stops, then starts again and continues. Actual enlargement effect begins in the third month for most women. So, be patient and continue with the pills and cream daily. Do the exercises whenever you can – it does not matter if you miss out for some days.

  23. Hello

    i wish to inform that i am doing the exercise regularly, but dont use any weights for the “fly” or butterfly with 2-3 lb. weights instead of 2-3 lb weight i enjoy using water bottles filled with 750ml of water each for exercise, is that alrite?
    secondly i asked this question many times before but the answer was not clear that i apply the cream but wat is the maximum time to keep the cream on the breast,that means if i apply at and i wish to take a bath at 6.30am is that alrite or do i have to wait for some more time..

    1. Yes, the exercise is ok the you are doing it. Re the cream, the ideal would be to apply the cream after your bath and to massage it in till it is fully absorbed into the skin.

  24. Hello

    Oh great! that i can change the time of applying the cream..and if you say “It is normal for the two breasts to be of different sizes – most women have this” i wish to know that with the help of BA will both the breast come to same sizes after the six month of use or they will grow according to their sizes..since now they are small it really doesnt mke any difference but whey they will enlagrge they might look weired with different sizes. for this i am worried about..


  25. Hello

    I am on Breast Actives since one month, however i do not feel any difference as yet but i can see my left breast(75%) is shorter than the right(100%)one.just to let you know that i have underdeveloped breast.i am worried about it..any suggestion.


  26. Petal, it makes no difference when you do the exercises and/or massages. In any case, these are optional. The cream is to be applied on the breasts and rubbed in till it is absorbed. So, where is the question of how long you should keep the cream on the breast? There are no videos available.
    Re your bra, if it starts feeling tight as your breast enlarges, obviously you should change to a bigger size. Surely, this is common sense.

  27. Hello,
    i have few questions,
    i read about the suggested massages/exercises
    but i am not able to understand except for the first you have any videos for these exercises which can explain better?
    do i have to apply the cream and simoultaneously massage or do i have to keep some gap in between?
    for how long one has to keep the cream on the breast after application?



  28. Hello,

    Its been 3 weeks that i have started using BA and i am used to a padded bra and i dont know whether it will harm the growth of my breast?
    if i start feeling the growth of my breast and tightness of my bra should i use the new one?
    i apply the cream in the night and immediately after the application of the cream i do the mentioned breast exercise from the small booklet which doesnt even take more than 2-3min is that alrite?


  29. Petal, the breast massages are optional and you can do whichever ones you are comfortable with – or do none at all.
    1) Any kind of massage oi is fine – try baby oil, if you like.
    2) Do the massages at any time convenient to you, or don’t do them at all
    3) The BA cream/gel should be applied to your breasts and gently rubbed in till it is fully absorbed. You should apply this once daily at the same time each day – either morning or night. It is not toxic.
    4) Whether you inform your fiance or not is entirely up to you. Your breasts remain as usual while you are on BA therapy – only they will gradually grow bigger.
    5) Yoga is fine – in fact it is good for you. So are exercises.

    Do post your results in this blog in due course.

  30. Hello

    I have received the parcel and i am so happy to see that! looking at breast actives i get the cofidence that i will surely get the result..let me tell you that i can see a small booklet inside which has got few massage techniques with pictures which are quite easy to understand but it says techniques for underdeveloped breast and techniques for saggy breast. do i have to do both?
    few questions:
    1)now it does’nt mention using which oil should i massage because i did try to massage with the gel but it gets abosbed in the breast so fast that if i further massage the gel which was absorbed gets dried and falls down?
    2)now when to do these massage and when to apply the gel? are they together?
    3)how long do i have to keep the gel on the breast? is the gel toxic?
    4)one personal question for you if dont mind..i stay with my fiance so while we together in the bed,do i have to inform him about taking care of my breast?
    5)I do yoga i.e (suryanamaskar) everyday which is for maintaining my weight is that alrite?
    waiting for the reply because i have already started using BA..and i need BA should support me while i am on this course..


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