About This Website and Me

About this Website by Michelle RodriguesI, Michelle Rodrigues, have had the primary responsibility for writing, posting and maintaining this website from the time it was launched. I have been studying and researching physical enhancement for females and males for several years and have published several articles on these subjects. Specifically, I have studied natural breast enhancement and, in particular Breast Actives, in great detail. Also, as part of my research, I have interacted with over a thousand women who have used this product. Thereby, I have acquired and accumulated reliable and genuine information, which I share on this website.

About This Website

This website was created in November 2007 and went on-line in December that year. This was the same month in which the Breast Actives product was launched in the market.

The purpose of this website was, and continues to be, promotion and marketing of Breast Actives, the natural breast enhancement combination product. It aims to fulfill this purpose by providing reliable, comprehensive and well-researched information on this new, natural and unique, breast enhancement concept of combining dietary supplement pills with a breast massage cream and a specially-developed breast exercise program. 

Earlier Website From Which this Evolved

Prior to the launch of this website, we had another site on-line since 2002, promoting the predecessor product, Breast Gain Plus pills. Between 2002 and 2007, this was the leading natural breast enhancer on the market. As is evident, we have had a longer association with Breast Gain Plus/Breast Actives than any other website seen today. As a result, we have today the most comprehensive and complete information on Breast Actives to be found on the internet.

The information on this site is authentic and factual, based on real data available to us from our long association with this product, the research behind it, its production process and its users. This is not the case with all websites promoting or selling it – there are incorrect or misleading statements that can be seen on several such websites. For example, one can see claims that results from using Breast Actives can be seen in two weeks or less of usage. This is not true – it takes a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks of usage before any effects become visible; anyone who has used it will confirm this. Another example is the claim that Breast Actives is FDA approved – Not true, as the FDA does not evaluate dietary supplements. There are other such incorrect claims on various websites.  

Just Ask Me!

If you have questions about Breast Actives, you will most likely be able to find the answers here on this site. In the unlikely event that you don’t or can’t find your answer, just ask me! I have been involved in testing and marketing it and its predecessor for 20 years, so I do know what I’m talking about. Either leave a comment on the Home Page or send an email to me at michelle@breast-actives.net and I will respond without delay.

Thank you for visiting and browsing through this site. 

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