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Breast Actives Combo of 60 pills & 2oz cream

Of all the natural breast enhancement pills and cream on the market, Breast Actives is unique in using a combination of dietary supplement pills plus breast massage cream plus breast lifting exercises, all at the same time. Now Brought to You with Special Discounts for 2023

Review by Rachel

The Solution
Are your breasts small or under-developed? Or, are they sagging after pregnancy or weight loss? If so, you might have considered surgical augmentation but are concerned and worried about the costs and risks of surgery and the side-effects of implants.

If any of this is true, then Breast Actives is the solution you need. As Rachel says in the video above, this product will make your breasts larger and fuller, making them Beautiful and Sexy – Without Surgery, Without Implants!

What Is Breast Actives?

It is a combination product for natural enhancement of women’s breasts without surgery. It comprises three separate components, all working together and supporting each other for safe and effective breast enhancement:

  1. A dietary supplement in the form of pills, formulated from extracts of selected plants
  2. A breast cream based on extract of Pueraria Mirifica, a plant long popular in Thailand for breast enhancement
  3. An eBook that describes special exercises designed to prevent and/or eliminate breast sagginess

The herbal extracts used in the pills and cream are rich in substances known as Phytoestrogens, which mimic the action of the female hormone, estrogen. Thereby, they promote further breast development.

How is It Unique?

There are many natural breast enhancement products on the market. However, other than this one, all of them are either creams or pills – not both. This is unique as a product that combines both pills and cream, together with exercises, to support each other for breast enhancement.

This 3-step approach, with pills and cream and special exercises, has made this program one of the most successful and popular among natural bust enhancement products. 

How Has this Program Evolved?

Breast Gain Plus pillsIt is a successor to Breast Gain Plus breast enlargement pills, launched by Ultra Herbal in 2002. Those pills were formulated from plants rich in Phytoestrogens, and soon became popular among women as an alternative to breast implants.

In 2007, Ultra Herbal developed a breast enhancement cream, based on extract of Pueraria Mirifica.

Breast Actives ComboThe new cream plus the existing pills were packaged together, with an eBook describing exercises to eliminate breast sagginess. This combo package was launched in December 2007 as Breast Actives and it soon became even more popular than the predecessor product, among women seeking non-surgical breast enhancement.

What is the Price of Breast Actives in 2023?

2023 Prices for Breast Actives Pills+Cream Combo Kit with discounts and Money-Back Guarantee

For 2023, the prices and discounts for this product, when purchased direct from the manufacturer, are as shown below. All earlier price lists and offers are withdrawn and cancelled.

  1. 5 months pkg at US$179.85
    {3 sets @ $59.95 + 2 sets @ Free (40% off)}
  2. 3 months pkg at US$119.90
    {2 sets @ $59.95 + 1 set @ Free (33% off)}
  3. 1 month pkg at US$59.95
    {1 Set Trial + Auto-ship program}
    Please Note: This offer will automatically enroll you in an auto-ship program of 1 set @$49.95/month from the 2nd month onward, until you call to cancel. I suggest you avoid this option.

Shipping is FREE for all Packages.

Where Can I Buy This Product?

It is not sold in retail stores or pharmacies. You can buy it online from the manufacturers’ Secure Order Website or from certain other online portals. I advise you to buy from the manufacturers’ website as there are several benefits:

  1. You’re sure of getting the genuine product. There are many fakes on offer, so you need to ensure you are getting the “real thing”.
  2. Periodically, there are special offers from the manufacturer. You may not get these offers from other sources.
  3. There is a 60 days Money-Back Guarantee, only if purchased from the manufacturer.

To buy, click any “Buy” button on this website. This will take you to the  Manufacturer’s Secure Order Website, where you can select your preferred Quantity Package and place your order. You’ll get the genuine product, at latest discounts, with FREE Shipping and 60 days Guarantee.

This website, where you are right now, is an authorized marketing website for this product. If you click through from here, I’ll help you in case you experience problems with ordering or delivery delays.

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Is There a Guarantee?Satisfaction Guarantee

Yes, there is a Guarantee. If you have any complaints about it, you can ask for a refund on any unused and unopened item, within 60 days of your purchase, provided you have bought it directly from the Manufacturer.

For details, please see return policy and procedure

Order Shipping

Orders placed through this website qualify for FREE SHIPPING for all packages.

US orders are shipped by USPS and take around 7 days to deliver. International Orders are shipped via FedEx or USPS Global and take 10 to 21 days depending on customs clearance at the destination country.

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

Women who are troubled by any of the following issues:

  • Your boobs are small for your build, so you’re unhappy about your body image
  • You have Micromastia – a condition in which the mammary glands do not develop fully during puberty
  • Your breasts have lost volume, shape and firmness after pregnancy, weight loss or ageing – a common condition known as Breast Ptosis.

9 Specific Benefits

breast actives advanced enhancement system - benefits for users

  1. Proven, safe breast enhancement without surgery and implants 
  2. Increase breast size by 1 to 2 cup sizes for under-developed or small boobs
  3. Volume, shape and fullness restored to sagging breasts 
  4. Enlarged breasts that look and feel natural
  5. Increase breast size permanently in 150-180 days. No need to continue thereafter
  6. Clothes of all types will fit better, look and feel good – look awesome in swimwear! Increased attractiveness, sex-appeal and social self-confidence
  7. Economical to use – It costs less than 5% of the cost of implants
  8. Enhance your breasts in the privacy of your home – no doctor visits needed
  9. No significant or serious side effects, as only natural ingredients are used.

Can It Really Work? 

Yes, it does work. Together with its predecessor, Breast Gain Plus, it has been on the market for over 20 years and been used by more than 150,000 women worldwide. It still remains popular and in demand to this day. 

Above all, for the best evidence that it really works, see a small sample of customer reviews and testimonials from women who have used it.

Customer Reviews Before and After

Most Users report successful breast enhancement results. 

Luisa – from Asuza, CA, USA – Five Stars
Verified Purchase
“I have been taking BA for three months and have grown from 34C to 38C. My husband has noticed the difference and says that they look much rounder from the bottom and the sides. I just ordered my new monthly supply! I am really HAPPY with BA”

VeraJan 27, 2019 – Four Stars
Verified Purchase
 “I’m in the middle of my 3rd bottle of BA and now I can see the real growth. I’m so excited now to see the final result. I was skeptical at first. Thank you so much!!” –

Tracey – from Sydney, Australia – Five Stars
Verified Purchase
” I have been on B A for less than 1 month and my boobs are already feel fuller and slightly larger. I have breast implants and wanted to take BA to help them look more natural by adding more of my own breast tissue…I’m very happy with the results already!….”

Breast Actives Before-After photos of Marlene Woods
 Marlene Woods: Before – After Photos

See more Customer Reviews

See Before and After Photos.

Is It Safe To Use?

Yes, it is safe. The fact is that each individual herb, in the formulations of the pills and cream, is safe to use and has long been in common use, especially in Asia. 

High levels of the hormone, estrogen, can increase the risk of cancer. However, this does not apply to phytoestrogens, which are the active ingredients in these pills and cream. In fact, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners report that phytoestrogens have been linked to a decreased risk of breast cancer.

To be absolutely sure, don’t use the product for more than 6 months at a stretch. If you wish to prolong its use, give a break of one month and then continue for up to 3 months more. With this routine, you can be certain that there will be no risk. 

Are There Side Effects to Worry About?

No. There are no significant side effects. However, sometimes, individual women do experience some mild  allergic reactions:

  1. Tenderness or soreness of the breasts – this actually indicates response to the therapy
  2. Allergic reaction to some of the herbal ingredients – this could be mild diarrhea or skin rashes. If it occurs, simply reduce the dosage by half for a while and then gradually increase to the normal level as the reactions subside.

Are There Any Restrictions?

There are some:

  • Don’t use it during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 
  • If you have any pre-existing health problems or are on any prescription medication, consult your doctor before using any herbal supplements.

Are These Pills FDA Approved?

No, these pills are not FDA approved. Since they are in the category of “dietary supplement”, they are not evaluated by the US FDA, and do not require FDA approval. Please see FDA 101: Dietary Supplements | FDA.

In June 2007, the FDA issued rules for “Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)” for dietary supplements. These rules are for ensuring the purity, quality, strength and composition of these supplements. This product is manufactured in plants that are 100% compliant with the FDA’s cGMP conditions.

It Works & It’s Safe-Buy Now!

Are There Any Other Health Benefits?

Yes, there are:

  • Protection against cancer – studies on “Phytoestrogens for Cancer Prevention and Treatment”, reported in (National Library of Medicine), have linked intake of phytoestrogens to reduced risk of breast cancer and improved response to anti-cancer treatments. However, further research is needed to evaluate the true potential of phytoestrogens as an option for cancer therapy.
  • Improves sexual function and libido
  • Relieves the symptoms of PMS
  • Protects against osteoporosis
  • Minimize the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, i.e. hot flashes, loss of libido, dry vagina, loss of tone in the boobs.

What Are The Ingredients?

1. Ingredients in the Pills:

Supplement Pills - one month supply

  1. Kelp (whole plant)
  2. Fennel (seed)
  3. Don Quai (root)
  4. Blessed Thistle (root)
  5. Dandelion (root) 
  6. Fenugreek (seed)
  7. Watercress (leaf)
  8. L-TyrosineVitamin E (as d-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate)

2. Ingredients in the Pueraria Mirifica Cream:

Massage Cream - one month's supply

  1. Extract of Pueraria Mirifica
  2. Extract of Red Clover
  3. Several Supporting Ingredients

For Pills and Cream

See Detailed List of Ingredients, including the supporting and non-active substances, and the effect of each active ingredient in the pills,

How Does This Program Work?

The herbal extracts in both the pills and the cream are rich in phytoestrogens. It works by using the ability of phytoestrogens to mimic the action of the female hormone, estrogen, but without the harmful effects of an excess of estrogen.

As a result of this ability to mimic the action of estrogen, phytoestrogens can stimulate the estrogen receptors in the breasts. Stimulating the estrogen receptors with phytoestrogens results in further development of the mammary glands, similar to the growth process of girls as they go through puberty. 

Based on this science, the pills and cream have been formulated to naturally enhance female breasts with herbal extracts, without surgery.

For more detailed information, See How Does It Work? and Phytoestrogens

How Long Does It Take to Work?

woman checks if her breast enhancement is working
You should see increase in cup size from the 9th week.

Generally, it takes about 8 weeks to start showing results. The enhancement usually progresses as per the following timeline:

  • Real increase in cup size from the beginning of the 3rd month of use.
  • In 5 to 6 months, you will reach your full growth potential of 1 to 2 cup sizes.
  • Your breasts will have increased firmness and volume.
  • After 5 to 6 months, there is no need for further use. The improvement is permanent.

There can be variations depending on individual metabolisms, but these are the average timings. 

With the recommended dose how much growth can I expect?

Most women that follow the recommended dose for at least three months report a growth of at least one cup size. These women also report a a more full and firm contour of their breasts. By continuing up to 5 or 6 months, you can expect proportionately more growth, up to 2 cup sizes.

How To Use This Program?

To use the Pills and Cream correctly, please follow these steps:

  1. The daily dose for the pills is 2 – take after breakfast with water or fruit juice.
  2. Apply the cream once daily and massage into your breasts. 
  3. Do the exercises once daily, as far as possible.

While on this therapy, limit the intake of caffeine (tea/coffee/coke) to a maximum of one drink per day.

Please see detailed instructions for use – How To Use.

In Conclusion….

As a woman, if you wish you had bigger or firmer boobs then this natural enhancement program is an option you should consider.

Of course, surgical augmentation is effective. But, it is expensive, risky, with possible serious side-effects, including risk of cancer.

Your Non-surgical options are:

  1. Suction devices – BRAVA System
  2. Herbal Pills and Creams

Suction devices are uncomfortable, expensive and the effect is temporary. 

This leaves the herbal products. There are several brands available, but this one offered here is one of the Market Leaders. Together with its predecessor, Breast Gain Plus, it has built up its reputation over a period of 20 years, with more than 150,000 satisfied users worldwide. The combination of supplement pills plus massage cream plus special exercises makes it more effective than products which are pills alone or cream alone.

Keep your expectations moderate. If your cup size is A and you are looking for a DD, it will not happen! However, if an enhancement of 1 to 2 cups sizes with improved fullness and firmness will satisfy you, then Breast Actives will make you happy!

Get Sexy Boobs – Buy Now

Other Options for Herbal Enhancement:

Total Curve – $179.95 for 3 months

Naturaful – $129 for 3 months 

Please see this Comparative Chart of these products, based on my research. 

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