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For Product-Related Questions:

If you have any questions regarding the Breast Actives product or if you want any clarifications about the statements, discount offers, ordering process, etc. as stated in this website, please send an email to me, Michelle Rodrigues, at:

This is for any information or clarification that you need about this product. 

For Ordering/Shipment Related Issues:

For any questions or complaints that you have AFTER you have placed an order, including any of the following, please contact Customer Care as detailed below.:

  • Review Your Order
  • Check Order Tracking Status
  • Delivery Inquiries
  • Wrong product received
  • Cancel Auto Shipments
  • Update Address / Credit Card
  • Update Orders
  • Billing Inquires
  • Any other post-ordering questions/complaints

Call Customer Care:
Phone +1 302 684 6186

Office Times: Monday thru Friday
6.30am – 5.00pm PST,
which is equal to 1.30pm – 12.00 midnight GMT

Please DO NOT email these questions to me at I do not have the relevant information, so I cannot help you.

Only for Customers who have ordered through a link on this Website:

If the shipment of your order is excessively delayed, please first contact Customer Care as explained above. If the problem is still not resolved, email me with full details of your conversation with Customer Care and I will follow up with the Marketing Dept on your behalf.