What Are My Options for Breast Enhancement Without Surgery?

Options for Breast Enhancement Without Surgery

For women seeking to enlarge and enhance their boobs, there is good news. You no longer have to submit to expensive and risky surgical procedures which end up giving you absurd-looking, silicone-packed, Barbie-doll-look-alike breasts. Options that are available today for breast enhancement without surgery can give you large, shapely boobs that retain their soft and natural contours, at costs which are a small fraction of surgical enhancement and with none of the risks involved in surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery is not only very expensive at $5000 to 6000 for the initial operation followed by corrective re-operations for ruptured implants and capsular contracture, but carries several risk factors as well possible adverse side-effects. These can include loss of nipple sensation and increased risk of cancer. Read about these in Risks of Breast Implants by FDA.

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How to Enlarge Your Breasts Without Surgery?

Currently, your options for breast enhancement without surgery are the following:

  1. Herbal Breast Enhancement
  2. Macrolane – now withdrawn
  3. Brava
  4. Breast Exercises

Each of these options are discussed below:

  1. Herbal Option for Breast Enhancement Without Surgery

    What is it?
    herbal breast enlargementIf you want to go down the herbal supplement route to breast enhancement without surgery, an excellent choice is Breast Actives pills and cream. The breast enhancement pills and the enhancer cream both use botanicals with natural estrogenic properties, to increase estrogen levels in the body. This stimulates the production of new breast tissue. Herbs with estrogenic properties include fennel seed, fenugreek seed, dong quai root, pueraria mirifica.
    Does it work? “Yes, it does”, say fans of herbal breast enhancement, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Sienna Miller. Christopher Inglefield, consultant plastic surgeon at London Bridge Hospital, believes that herbal remedies for breast enhancement without surgery can increase breast size, although how they do so is not entirely clear. Hormonally, the most receptive age group for Breast Actives is between 23 and 35. After two months, you will see an improvement with fuller, firmer, larger breasts. If you’re over 35, you might have to wait six months for the desired results.
    How safe is it?
    It does not use synthetic hormones and has no known side-effects. Users of the Breast Actives program also report improvement of the skin while using this product.  Research is being done on the long-term effects of stimulating estrogen levels. Check with your doctor that the supplements won’t interfere with any medication you are taking.
    How long does it last?
    The results are long-lasting and you can discontinue taking the pills once you reach your target size.
    US$ 179.85 for five months’ supply of Breast Actives, which is all you should need.
    Get the Breast Actives System for yourself and experience the benefits of  breast enhancement without surgery.

  2. Macrolane for Breast Enhancement Without Surgery – Withdrawn Recently

    What is Macrolane?
    MacrolaneAfter seven years of research and development, this procedure for breast enhancement without surgery was launched in the UK. The procedure involves an injection into the breast of stabilized hyaluronic acid. This enlarges the breast while allowing its shape to be formed according to the woman’s body. According to Christopher Inglefield, plastic and reconstructive surgeon at London Bridge Hospital, hyaluronic acid constitutes 40% of the material of the skin and, inside the natural framework of collagen, it provides the padding. Macrolane is specially stabilized hyaluronic acid”. The Macrolane injection process takes 30 to 90 minutes, earning it the nickname of “lunch hour breast enhancement”! However, there is some discomfort that lasts for a few days. The procedure gives immediate results, with enhanced breasts that are smooth and without any irregular lumps.
    Does it work?
    Macrolane is claimed to give immediate results, enlarging the breasts with a natural feel and fullness. It is said to add volume to the upper area of the boobs, thus restoring shape to droopy or flabby breasts. However, not all doctors are convinced about the benefits of Macrolane. Chris Caddy, of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, feels that the enhancement effect of Macrolane is slight. He is of the view that this is more like a cosmetic treatment, the effects of which last for only 12 months, after which the effect is gone.
    How safe is it?
    As per information provided by Q-Med, the company that promotes Macrolane, the procedure is very safe. They also claim that mammography works better with Macrolane than with silicone implants due to better translucency and that it does not interfere with the diagnosis and/or treatment of breast diseases. Q-Med’s marketing director says that several clinical trials have been conducted to investigate the possibility of side-effects without any adverse outcomes. These include a trial in Japan with over 1000 women. Further research and clinical studies are planned. Macrolane is sold by Q-Med only to doctors who they have trained for administering the injections. A list of such doctors is provided in the official Macrolane website.
    However, Chris Caddy once again takes a cautious position. He maintains that there not much real evidence to the effect that Macrolane is a safe and effective option for breast enhancement without surgery. He states that the clinical studies that Q-Med refers to were funded and supported by the company itself, which makes their findings susceptible to bias. He goes on to say that women in the UK who opt for Macrolane now will become guinea-pigs in Europe-wide trials and that he will not use what he considers to be an untested product on his patients.
    Reported side-effects after the injection are a mild swelling, pain and temporary hardness of the breast, which usually disappears in about 7 days.
    How long does the effect last?
    The results are not permanent and the breast enhancement effects last from 12 to 18 months. Thereafter, repeat injections are needed to top up the Macrolane.
    Macrolane is not cheap. The initial breast enlargement treatment generally uses 200ml of Macrolane (100ml per breast) and the cost of the initial treatment is about GB£ 2,800 or approx US$ 4300. Subsequent top-up 12 to 18 months will cost about GB£1,400 or approx US$2150.
    Note: Macrolane has been recently withdrawn from the market due to medical issues.

  3. Brava System for Breast Enhancement Without surgery

    What is Brava?
    Brava SystemOn the Brava website, it is claimed that this is a clinically proven option for breast enhancement without surgery. Brava looks like a bra worn by aliens from outer space! It comprises two partially rigid domes, with rims of silicone gel, that fit onto the breasts and a mini-computer (known as SmartBox) which creates and regulates a sucking-out tension within the domes. This suction effect is created by pumping out the air from inside the domes. Thus, the device applies a gentle suction in three dimensions to the boobs which triggers a growth response in the cells of the breast tissues. This leads to the development of new tissues in the breasts, resulting in breast enhancement without surgery..

    Does it work?
    According to Christopher Inglefield of London Bridge Hospital, the Brave system of breast enhancement without surgery does work. The technique involves applying a stretching stress on the tissues which opens up the spaces between the cells, triggering a healing response in which adjacent cells divide and fill the spaces. This technique, also known as traction, is used in several medical procedures used to grow new tissue for healing after surgery or injury and for reconstruction of breasts. It is claimed that, if the Brava device is worn for a minimum of 11 hours per day, the breasts can increase by half cup to a full cup size.

    How safe is it?
    The product is relatively new and long-term safety or side-effects are not established yet. Chris Caddy says “You have to wear it religiously for at least 11 hours per day”.

    How long does it last?
    According to Inglefield there is still inadequate data on the long term stability of the growth effect and, therefore, it is difficult to predict how long the growth will last. According to Cady, the breast enlargement effect appears to be temporary and, once the patient stops wearing the Brava, she seems to go back to where she was.

    GB£ 790 or US$ 1300

  4. Breast Exercises

    What is this?
    Exercises for the breasts are, without doubt, a safe and very simple method. However, Breast exercises cannot, by themselves, enlarge or enhance the breasts. When included as part of a comprehensive enhancement program like Breast Actives, they can contribute to the improvement of the overall appearance. These exercises specifically focus on the muscles in the chest area and are intended to improve the tone, shape and lift of the breasts. Thereby, the over-all appearance of the bust line becomes more attractive, youthful and sexy. Some useful breast exercises are described here.
    Do exercises work?
    Exercise is, of course, always good. Breast exercises will tone and uplift the breasts and prevent them from drooping. According to expert opinion, such as that of Inglefield, exercise by itself cannot actually achieve breast enhancement without surgery, but it does improve the shape and tone and gives the breasts a more youthful appearance. And if, with general exercise and work-outs, you make your body look good and shapely, you will provide a better showcase for your boobs, irrespective of what their size may be. The Breast Actives system of herbal non-surgical breast enhancement with pills and cream includes a set of recommended breast exercises, which can significantly improve the overall results of this system for breast enlargement without surgery.

    Is it safe?
    Exercise is always safe and there are no side -effects other than improved general fitness. But doing breast exercises should not result in neglect of general exercise and exercise must not be over-done.

    How much does it cost?
    There is no cost at all except for the effort involved in finding the time and the privacy to do the exercises regularly, every day.

How to Prevent Your Breasts from Sagging or Drooping

Hazel Wilson, who works at a department store in Bournemouth as a bra-fitter, has some advice to give to women to help them avoid sagging of breasts.

After the age of thirty five, the pectoral muscles above the breasts begin to lose tone and to get loose, which leads to sagging boobs. Therefore, to avoid sagging of breasts, it is necessary to ensure that these muscles remain firm, strong and well-toned by exercise. Exercises which are good for these pectoral muscles are swimming, placing weights like bags of flour in the crook of the arms and lifting the arms upwards behind the neck. It is also essential to always wear a sports bra when going jogging. Otherwise, the vigorous and free up and down movements of the boobs will stretch the supporting ligaments and lead to severe sagging which cannot be corrected.

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