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Does Breast Actives Really Work?

Breast Actives does work to give you large, firm, uplifted breasts. It has been used by over 150,000 women worldwide, many of whom have sent in “satisfied” testimonials by email or by posts on this website or to Amazon.

What is Breast Actives?

Breast Actives is natural, non-surgical breast enhancement combo program, comprising herbal breast enlargement pills plus a herbal breast massage cream plus special breast enhancement exercises.

How do you use Breast Actives?

The daily dose for the pills is 2 – take in the morning after breakfast. Swallow with water or fruit juice. The cream is to be applied to the breasts once daily. To apply, take a small amount of the cream on your fingertips and massage it thoroughly into your breasts. Together with the pills and cream, there are special exercises for toning and firming the breasts. Do these exercises once daily.

What is the price of Breast Actives?

The price of Breast Actives varies by quantity ordered. For the 6 months package, the price is US$179.85. For the 3 months package, the price is US$119.90. There is also a 1 month Trial Package at US$59.95, but this involves enrollment into an auto-ship program of 1 set every 30 days at US$39.95 until you call to cancel.

Can you buy Breast Actives in stores?

No, this product is not sold in stores, and therefore, you cannot buy Breast Actives in stores. You can buy Breast Actives only online, directly from the Supplier’s website or other online portals

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What is the most effective way to measure the growth of my breast?

In clinical studies, women are instructed to buy a test bra that has a snug fit. This bra is not to be worn on a daily basis (improved breast size would result in a stretching of the bra if worn on a daily basis). Every 2-3 weeks the women are then instructed to try the bra on and note how tight the cups are fitting. Measuring with a tape measure is not recommended as a useful measuring device

I like the size of my breasts. However, my breasts are not has perky as they used to be prior to breast feeding two children. Will Breast Actives help to restore the natural contour of my breasts?

Yes, Breast Actives will help improve the contour of your breasts. Many women, especially as they grow older, just want to maintain the shape and size of their breasts, and Breast Actives is an ideal solution for them.

Aside from fuller more natural breasts are there any other benefits to taking Breast Actives/Breast Gain Plus pills ?

Yes, there has been some exciting new studies revealing that the same herbs in the Breast Actives proprietary blend are responsible for blocking the proliferation of cancer cells. Initial studies show a decrease in both breast and uterine cancer growth. The proprietary blend of herbs in Breast Actives pills have also been shown to promote the following positive effects:

  • Lowers incidence of female related cancer i.e. breast, endometrial, uterus
  • Decreases the risk for stokes and other cardiovascular disease
  • Improves sexual function and libido
  • Minimizes the symptoms associated with menopause i.e. hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, loss of libido, irregular periods, dry vagina, loss of tone in the breast, memory lapses, incontinence, weight gain, osteoporosis, etc.
  • Relieves the symptoms of PMS e.g. mood swings, cramping, cravings, bloating, headaches, fatigue, depression, breast tenderness, etc.
  • Inhibits cholesterol absorption and synthesis
  • Improves the glucose tolerance in both Type I and Type II diabetes
  • Promotes bone building and protects against osteoporosis
  • Acts as an antidepressant or mood enhancer that gives women a feeling of happiness and well being
  • Natural diuretic thus helping to control fluid balance
  • Promotes thermogenesis (the rapid conversion of the food we digest into heat before the calories can be stored as fat), hence, weight loss

Are there any side effects associated with Breast Actives?

There have been very few side effect associated with the use of Breast Actives pills and cream. Some women report mild constipation during the first few days, while some report mild occurrence of loose stools. This is very common when introducing any new herbal product to your system. Although very rare, occasionally an individual will have an allergic reaction to one of the herbs in the proprietary blend presented as a mild skin rash. Individuals with such allergic reactions should either discontinue the product or decrease the dosage for a few days depending on the severity of the rash.

Will the Breast Actives program cause me to gain weight?

No. You will not gain weight from Breast Actives. Breast Actives is very specially designed to produce the types of estrogen and human growth hormone that feed the mammary glands of the breast. We have never had a case of uncommon weight gain due to the taking our supplements.

I am starting a new diet. Will Breast Actives help me to maintain my breast size even though I am losing weight? It seems my breasts always decrease in size whenever I lose any weight.

Yes, an estimated 60-70% of women who use our breast enhancement system are currently on some sort of diet program. These women still report excellent results with the natural herbal supplement, cream and exercises. However, the the breast enhancement results will not be as pronounced in women who lose excessive weight i.e. 20-30 percent of their pre-dieting weight.

How long should a woman continue to use Breast Actives?

Different women will have different results. However, we recommend taking Breast Actives pills and applying the cream for at least 5-6 months, based on how full you would like your breast to appear.

If I take the recommended dose of Breast Actives how much growth in my breasts can I expect?

Most women that follow the recommended dose for at least three months report a growth of at least one cup size. These women also report a a more full and natural contour of their breast.

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I am nearly fifty and starting to experience “hot flashes” that are associated with menopause. Is there any reason why I should not take the breast enhancement supplements?

No, many women going through menopause have benefited tremendously from our supplement program. Please discuss with your local physician if he/she has you on any type of hormone replacement therapy.

Do I need to drink 8-12 glasses of water each day for the breast enhancement supplements to work?

Many companies suggest that you drink large quantities of water in hopes that you will retain some water weight in your breast to increase their size. While we recommend drinking a significant amount of water on a daily basis to improve your everyday health, we do not recommend some 12 glasses day in hopes that the water will have some effect on your breasts.

Is Breast Actives approved by the FDA?

Breast Actives falls in the category of herbal dietary supplements, which the US FDA does not evaluate. This category of product not require FDA approval. However, the FDA has specified certain manufacturing guidelines for such supplements to ensure quality and safety standards. Breast Actives is manufactured strictly according to these FDA guidelines. All ingredients in Breast Actives meet FDA safety requirements and are considered generally safe and effective..

In the beginning I noticed a significant increase in my breast size, however, the growth has slowed down. Should I continue to use the breast enhancement supplement?

This is a common occurrence. Often women will reach a brief plateau phase followed by another significant growth period. Continue to use the supplement for another 6-8 weeks for the maximum results.

My breasts are uneven, my left breast tends to be significantly smaller than my right breast. Will the herbal enhancement supplement help?

Yes, the supplement will promote an even growth of the breast. However, please remember no two breasts are perfectly symmetrical and differences between the sizes of left and right breast are completely normal. So, while Breast Actives may reduce the difference in size, there can be no assurance that both your breasts will become identical by using BA.

I take birth control pills. Will Breast Actives interfere with their effectiveness?

No. There’s nothing in Breast Actives that will interfere in any way with the proper function of any known birth control medications.

Can women with breast implants still use Breast Actives program?

Absolutely. Using the Breast Actives system after having breast implants typically results in filling of the tissue around the implants giving a fuller, more natural look.

How should Breast Actives pills and cream be stored?

The product should be stored out of the reach of children, at room temperature, and away from direct sunlight. Do not store prescription medications or herbal supplements in or near your bathroom. The humidity generated by the shower can often decrease the shelf life of the medication or supplement.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a money back guarantee on all unused product, if you are not totally satisfied. Please see Cancellation and Refund Policy/Procedure

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  1. I used breast actives for 6 months a couple years ago and now I want to grow my breasts even larger. Can I use Breast Actives again or have I reached my full growth potential? I started using them when I was 18. I am now 22.

    • Hi Hayley,
      This will depend on the size of your breasts at present. Would you say that your breasts are small for your build? If so, then another 5 or 6 months of Breast Actives should help grow them further. If, on the other hand, you are already quite big-breasted for your build, then you might not get much result from another spell of Breast Actives.

      If you decide to order another package, click a Buy or Order button on this website, to get the pills plus cream combo package. If you directly to you’ll be offered the cream only at the same price as the combo.


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