Breast Actives FAQ Page

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What is the most effective way to measure the growth of my breast?

You should buy a test bra that has a snug fit. This bra is not to be worn on a daily basis (improved breast size would result in a stretching of the bra if worn on a daily basis). Every 2-3 weeks, try the bra on and note how tight the cups are fitting. This is the recommended procedure in clinical trials.

Aside larger and firmer breasts, are there any other benefits in taking Breast Actives pills ?

Yes, there has been some new studies showing that the same herbs as in the Breast Actives pills may block the proliferation of cancer cells. Initial studies show a decrease in both breast and uterine cancer.

The blend of herbs in Breast Actives pills has also been shown to promote the following additional positive effects:

Improve sexual function and libido
Minimize the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, i.e. hot flashes, loss of libido, dry vagina, loss of tone in the breasts 
Relieves the symptoms of PMS
Protects against osteoporosis

Will the Breast Actives program cause me to gain weight?

No. You will not gain weight from Breast Actives. Breast Actives is very specially designed to use phytoestrogens and human growth hormone that feed the mammary glands of the breast. We have never had a case of uncommon weight gain due to using Breast Actives.

If I take the recommended dose of Breast Actives how much growth in my breasts can I expect?

Most women that follow the recommended dose for at least three months report a growth of at least one cup size. These women also report a a more full and natural contour of their breast. By continuing up to 5 or 6 months, you can expect proportionately more growth. 

In the beginning I noticed a significant increase in my breast size, however, the growth has slowed down. Should I continue with Breast Actives?

This is a common occurrence. Often women will reach a brief plateau phase followed by another significant growth period. Continue to use the products for the full 5-6 months the maximum results.

My breasts are uneven, my left breast tends to be significantly smaller than my right breast. Will the herbal enhancement supplement help?

Yes, the supplement will promote an even growth of the breast. However, no two breasts are perfectly symmetrical and differences between the sizes of left and right breast are normal. So, while Breast Actives may reduce the difference in size, it is unlikely that both your breasts will become identical.

I take birth control pills. Will Breast Actives interfere with their effectiveness?

No. There’s nothing in Breast Actives that will interfere in any way with the proper function of any known birth control medications.

Can women with breast implants still use Breast Actives program?

Absolutely. Using the Breast Actives system after having breast implants typically results in filling of the tissue around the implants giving a fuller, more natural look.

Are Breast Actives results permanent or will my breasts shrink when I stop using it?

The breast enhancement results are permanent. After 5 or 6 months of use, you don't need to continue with either the pills or the cream. Your breasts will not shrink after you stop.


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