Breast Actives does work. Of this, there is no doubt, given the large number of happy users who have successfully enhanced their breasts using this product. Many of these women have sent in testimonials, by email or by posting on our website. In addition, there are testimonials on Amazon from women who have bought the product there.

Here are some extracts from success stories and personal results posted on our websites and/or sent to me by email by different users at different times:

Luisa from Azusa, California, USA – Posted the following comment:

“I have been taking Breast Actives for three months and have grown from 34C to 38C. My husband has noticed the difference and says that they look much more rounder from the bottom and the sides. If it wasn’t for me buying new bras each month, I would not believe him…haha. I am really HAPPY with BA”

Sandra from Atlanta, Georgia, USA – Posted the following review. She was informed that, after the 6 months therapy, she can discontinue use of the pills and cream as the enhancement effect is permanent.

“I’m from Atlanta, Georgia, USA and I have just completed 6 months on Breast Actives and the results have been amazing! I have actually grown from an A cup to a C cup, which is way more than I had ever expected. So, I am happy…but I read somewhere that to keep this size I have to keep taking a maintenance dose of BA every 2 months or so. Is this right? If I stop, will I then go back to my original size?”

Traci from Sydney, Australia – After less than 1 month of use she commented as follows:

” I have been on Breast Actives for less than 1 month and my breasts already feel fuller and slightly larger. I have breast implants and wanted to take BA to help them look more natural by adding more of my own tissue. So far it seems to be working. I’m very happy with the results already!”
Again After 4 months –
”Yes, I have been on BA for 4 months now. I am happy with the result, I definitely can notice a difference and more breast tissue. I think I would like to continue on with the 6 months though, as I feel there is still room for more growth.”

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