BEFORE Placing Your Order
If you have any general questions regarding the Breast Actives product or if you want any clarifications about the statements or offers on this website, please send an email to:
[email protected]

This is only for any information you need about the product before you place an order. 

PLEASE NOTE: Questions regarding delivery delays or refund requests or order and auto-shipment cancellations or delivery/billing information should NOT be sent to this email because I do not have the required information and I have no access to billing or shipment systems. To get that information you need to contact Customer Care as mentioned below.

AFTER You Have Placed an Order
For any of the following requirements, please contact Customer Care – Click Here 

  • Review Your Order
  • Check Order Tracking Status
  • Delivery Inquiries
  • Request a Refund
  • Cancel Auto Shipments
  • Update Address / Credit Card
  • Update Orders
  • Billing Inquires
  • Any other specific questions/complaints

Customer Care Contact – Click Here

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